Working Environment/ Confined Spaces Toxic Gas Monitoring System

Protection of life and facility from industrial accidents caused by flammable, toxic gas and lack of oxygen


  • Toxic gas monitoring device to protect life and assets from toxic gas accidents in enclosed space/working environment
  • Measure O2, H2S, CO, LEL flammable gas at the same to alarm in case of a danger by using a built-in pump


· One buttoned Power On/Off feature
· Self-analysis and automatic calibration
· Equipped with an automatic inhalation pump
· Data storage function

Various Alarms

· High brightness red LED and buzzer warning
· Embedded vibration warning
· two-stage warning system and TWA/STEL/OVER
· Low voltage warning and instrument performance failure alarm
· Warning maintenance function
· Send to each department manager


· Industrial safety
· Chemical plants
· Refineries/Petrochemical
· Laboratory and research facility


Measurement Targets

Measurement Range




Flammable Gas

0-100 %LEL

10 %LEL

20 %LEL


0-30 %vol

23.5 %vol

19.5 %vol

Carbon Monoxide(CO)

0-1,000 ppm

35 ppm

100 ppm

Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S)

0-200 ppm

10 ppm

15 ppm

*User can change warning level settings

Technical Specification

1. Measurement/Display

  • Automatic consecutive measurement and the manual measurement
  • Graph Display of real time measurement results / Automatic scale adjustment by measurement items
  • Setting reference value to detect/inform failure occurrence
  • Measurement result inquiry and changing settings
  • Separate data storage by measurement time

2. Sensors

  • Basic Sensors: Complex odor, VOCs, H2S, NH3
  • Optional Sensors: VOCs, CO, CO2, O3
  • Optional Sensors for a livestock shed electronic nose: Amine, Alcohol, Organic solvent, and Methane
  • Modular Manifold System for sensor lifespan and sensitivity improvement
  • Automatic Temperature control of sensor measuring part
  • Enabled to equip 20 different types of sensors max

3. Inhalation

  • Subminiature long lifespan micro pump (0.5L/min) – Automatic flow control
  • Solenoid Valve for cleaning and measuring to improve sensor lifespan
  • Secure the stability of external air inhalation with the structure of instrument shelter
  • Moisture removing device for accurate measurement

4. Weather Measurement

  • Wind Direction, Wind Speed, Humidity, Temperature, and 3D Modeling(option)
  • Figure out the odor movement routes of each measurement spot depending on the weather condition

5. Webserver System

  • Reports Printing feature(Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly)
  • Data Search/Stats Analysis feature
  • Maintenance Control Record Database
  • Management of Civil Complaints Occurrence Record
  • Weather Data connected analysis

6. Alarm Transmission Function

  • Over two stage alarm system settings
  • Emergency alert text message Service

7. Remote Control/Diagnosis function

  • Pump intake flow measurement/trouble shooting
  • Valve ON/OFF and Trouble shooting
  • Remote loading and system updates
  • System self-diagnosis result printing function

8. Unmanned Odor Sampler

  • Automatic sampling through the set threshold value
  • Mobile remote sampling function
  • Sampling condition text message service

9. Communication

  • IoT/ICT based wired/wireless(WCDMA) method data transmission server
  • Remote diagnosis monitoring service
  • GPS Capability

10. Data Storage Device

  • USB/SD Card Data Export
  • USB Type auto update

11. Power Supply

  • Surge protector for power supply and communication
  • Circuit breaker / Automatic reactivate function after outage
  • Long lifespan AC/DC Converter

12. Others

  • Power supply and communication lighting protector
  • Sensor cleaning system through activated carbon
  • Vent system function / Sampler linked system function
  • IoT/ICT based odor reducing device

 ■ Main Analysis Software


Max 20 different types of sensors
Toxic Gas(HF, H2, Cl2, etc), Alcohol-kind, Methane
For Indoor Air Quality and Customized

Main Analysis


PCA main component analysis and various components analysis algorithm
Euclidean distance
Mahalanobis distance
Odor Pattern Analysis
Odor prediction program installed for each measuring location


How it works

Monitoring Network

Consecutive Measurement

Establishment of Real time Monitoring System

· Real time Measurement Result Display in graphs
· Multi item/individual measurement result display in real time
· Prediction based on measurement result
· Prediction of components through the pattern recognition system

Result Transmission

Wired/Wireless Data Transmission Device

· Data access and transmission connecting Bluetooth / Zigbee/ Wifi
· Self transfer protocol, MODBUS-RTU
· Measurement Result DB Storage
· USB/SD Card Data Export
· Send the measurement result 1~5min interval

 Management System

Monitoring Webserver

· Surveillance system on User PC
· Alert function for a manager / Administrator mode access
· Real time graphic data display
· Result Inquiry/Analysis/Report Printable
· Immediate Response to Civil Complaints
· Analyze the cause of breakdown and immediate solution
· Systematization of maintenance through remote diagnosis

Applications of Additional Features

Mobile App, Smart phone, Tablet PC

· Remote Control
· Real time Monitoring with the use of the app
· Text Message transmission in situation of emergency
· Immediate Response to civil complaints