Хранителни среди

Посевен бульон
Бульон YIM 38 500 гр.: екстракти от дрожди 4 g; глюкоза 4 g; малцови екстракти 10 g; тиамин-HCl, рибофлавин,ниацин, пиридоксин-HCl, инозитол, калциев пентотенат, р-аминобензоена киселина, всеки по 0,5 mg и биотин 0,25 mg; pH 7,2.
Бульон YIM 306 500 гр.:: глюкоза 10,0 g; глицерол 10,0 g; казаминокиселини 15,0 g; овесени ядки 3,0 g; пептон 10,0 g; екстракт от дрожди 5,0 g; CaCO3 1,0 g; pH 7,0. Времето за ферментация на бульона от семена в шейкър е 36–60 часа.
Ферментационен бульон
Бульон YIM 61 500 гр.:: соев шрот 20 г; пептон 2 g; глюкоза 20 g; разтворимо нишесте 5 g; екстракти от дрожди
2 g; NaCl 4 g; K2HPO4
0,5 g; MgSO4
7H2O 0.5 g; CaCO3 2 g; pH 7,8.
Бульон YIM 301 500 гр.:: разтворимо нишесте 24,0 g; месни екстракти 3,0 g; екстракти от дрожди 5,0 g; пептон 3,0 g; глюкоза 1,0 g;
CaCO3 4,0 g; pH 7,0.
Бульон YIM 302 500 гр.:: соев шрот 20 g, манитол 20 g; pH 7–7,5.
Бульон YIM 305 500 гр.:: манитол 30,0 g; глюкоза 10,0 g; екстракти от дрожди 5,0 g; (NH4
)C4H4O4 (амонийевсукцинат)
1,0 g; K2HPO4
1,0 g; MgSO4
7H2O 0.1 g; pH 7,0.
Бульон YIM 307: 500 гр.: манитол 20,0 g; пептон 20,0 g; pH 7,5.
Бульон YIM 308 500 гр.:: глюкоза 10,0 g; месен екстракт 3,0 g; пептон 3,0 g; разтворимо нишесте 20,0 g; мая екстракт 5,0 g; CaCO3 3,0 g; pH 7,0.
Бульон YIM 310 500 гр.: глюкоза 5,0 g; пептон 3,0 g; разтворимо нишесте 10,0 g; екстракт от дрожди
3,0 g; CaCO3
2,0 g; NH4 NO3
3,0 g; pH 7,2.
Бульон YIM 312 500 гр.:: глюкоза 10,0 g; глицерол 10,0 g; прах от царевица 2,5 g; пептон 5,0 g; разтворим нишесте 10,0 g; екстракт от дрожди 2,0 g; CaCO3
3,0 g; NaCl 1,0 g; pH 7,3.
Среда (NYGB) агар 500 гр.: съдържа следните съставки (g 1−1): пептон (Oxoid), 5; екстракт от дрожди (Difco), 3; глицерол, 20; и твърда среда (NYGA), съдържаща допълнително 10 g агар 1-1 (Lab M, Salford, UK). Минималната среда Minimal A (Miller, 1972), допълнена с глюкоза (5gl-1). Добавки от Казаминокиселини (Difco) при 1,5 g 1-1 и агар
R2YE medium 500 гр.: is a variation of R2 containing yeast extract.
Make up the following solution:
103 g Sucrose
0.25 g K2SO4
10.12 g MgCl2.6H2O
10 g Glucose
0.1 g Difco Casaminoacids
800 ml dH2O
Pour 80 ml of the solution into 250 ml Erlenmeyer flasks each containing 2.2 g Difco Bacto agar. Sterilise by autoclaving. At the time of use, remelt the medium and add to each flask the following autoclaved solutions in the order listed:
5 ml Difco yeast extract (10%)
1 ml KH2PO4 (0.5%)
8 ml CaCl2.2H2O (3.68%)
1.5 ml L-proline (20%)
10 ml TES buffer (5.73%, adjusted to pH7.2)
0.2 ml Trace element solution
0.5 ml NaOH (1N) (unsterilised is okay)
0.75 ml Required growth factors for auxotrophs

Mannitol Soya Flour (MS) a.k.a. Soya Flour Mannitol (SFM) Medium 500 гр.:

Streptomyces coelicolor growing on SFM agar
Mannitol Soya Flour (MS) medium or as it is often called Soya Flour Mannitol (SFM)* medium, is a complex medium used for the routine cultivation of Streptomyces sp. Most species will sporulate well on this medium.

Motility test medium (XOM3 semi-solid (0.3% agar) 500 гр.:
Beef extract 3.0 g
Pancreatic digest of casein10.0 g
Sodium chloride 5.0 g
Agar 4.0 g
Bring to 1 liter with distilled water and heat to boiling to melt agar. Add
5 ml of 1% TTC solution. Dispense in 5-ml aliquots into tubes and
autoclave at 121°C under 15 psi pressure for 15 minutes. Cool upright
in racks. After inoculation, incubate at 35°C for 18 hours or until growth
is evident.
*SFM became routinely used as an acronym for this media to avoid confusion with the plant growth medium Murashige & Skoog medium in the John Innes Media kitchen.
Per Litre:
20 g Mannitol
20 g Soya Flour
20 g Agar
1 L tap water
Dissolve 20g mannitol in 1L tap water
Add 2g soya flour and 2g agar to each 250mL flask
Add 100mL mannitol solution to each flask
Routine growth of Streptomyces sp.
Preparing spore stocks
Soya flour is available from many health food shops and supermarkets (it is not necessary to purchase the more expensive material from a laboratory supplier).

Liquid MS medium may be made by omitting the agar.

Kieser et al (2000) recommend autoclaving MS twice. Though this is not strictly necessary, the second autoclave cycle can help to break down some of the complex carbohydrates present in the soy flour, making them more readily available to the Streptomyces. Thus, you may observe improved growth and/or development when growing your strains on 2x autoclaved MS.

XOLN medium 500 гр.::
K2HPO4 0.7 g/L, KH2PO4 0.2 g/L, (NH4)2SO4 1 g/L, MgCl2 0.1 g/L, FeSO4 0.01 g/L, MnCl2 0.001 g/L, 0.0625% tryptone, 0.0625% yeast extract, sucrose 2 g/L [30]. All tryptone, peptone and yeast extract were from Becton, Dickinson and Company (USA).

(NB)среда 500 гр.:
(beef extract, 3 g/liter; yeast extract, 1 g/liter; polypeptone, 5 g/liter; and sucrose 10 g/liter) or in nutrient agar (NA). XOM3 (1.8 g/L D-xylose, 670 mM D,L-methionine, 10 mM sodium L-glutamate, 240 mM NaFe2þEDTA, 5 mM MgCl2, 14.7 mM KH2PO4, 40 mM MnSO4, pH 6.0) w

MG-3.2 среда 500 гр

MG бульон 500 гр