Високоскоростна тубуларна центрофуга LE

High-speed tubular centrifuges are used mainly for separating solid components from fermenter suspensions. But this type of centrifuge can also be used to separate two liquids and remove a solid at the same time (only specific density differences are suitable). The max. throughput will be reduced at liquid-liquid separation. The liquid is fed into the rotor from below while the centrifuge is running. The suspension components are stratified by density in the rotor. The liquid(s) is or are discharged continuously via the run-off tray. The solid remains in the rotor

  • Continuous feed, manual solids discharge
  • Throughput ranging from a few litres to 3,000 l/h
  • g-force max. 16,000 – 70,000
  • Solids uptake* 0.25 – 10 litres *depending on the solid

Technical specifications



L x W x H

428 x 420 x 733 mm

Total Weight (approx.)

65 kg

Min. foundation size (L x W)

440 x 430 mm

Performance data

Motor speed

7,500 rpm, 50Hz; 7,500 rpm, 60 Hz; ± 10 %

Cylinder speed

15,000 – 40,000 rpm, ± 10 %

RCF (G-force)

max. 38,454 *g


15 – 30 l/h

Nominal cylinder volume

0.25 l

Inner Cylinder diameter

43 mm

Cylinder weight

1.6 kg

Loading weight

0.5 kg


5 min

Power consumption

0.33 A

Voltage supply

50 Hz: 230V

60 Hz: 115 V


16 A

control voltage

24 Vdc

Protection class (electrical system)


Min. separated particle size

0,048 μm

Optimal solids content


Equivalent clarification area

747 m² (at 40,000 rpm)

Fields of application


E.Coli, spirulina, fungi, …


platinum, gold, silica, titanium dioxide, …

Special applications

research, water examinations, food industry applial

Metalworking Industry

Very small particles, no cuttings

Additional information

Casing material

Cast iron

Typical fermenter size

20 l


Diameter of inlet / outlet

Hose barb 10 mm / Pipe 20 mm

Diameter of cooling inlet ;outlet

G 3/8″ ; G 3/8″

Diameter of condensate discharge

G 1/8

Pressure range feed material inlet

0,1 – 0,5 bar


fluid separation

Continuous, special bowl

Solid separation

Batch, removable cylinder, foil/ film

Ambient conditions and Emissions

Sound pressure level

< 80 dBA

Ambient conditions

-5°C to 45°C

Basement loads

Horizontal dynamic loads

961,35 N

Vertical dynamic loads

576,81 N

Vertical static loads

655 N

Required basement

Leveling need head bearing

0,1 mm/m



Foil / film

Liquid-liquid execution

Bottom valve

Additional cylinder

Spare part set – 2-year use

All figures are approximate values.

Subject to amendment and errors.

Допълнителни документи и информация за поръчка

  • Информация за поръчка:Цена за доставка: 115 000 лв с ДДС
  • Производител:Carl Padberg Zentrifugenbau GmbH, Германия